When Your Blood Group Is B+ But You Just Can’t Be Positive.

We have people all around us harping about the importance of being positive. If you are down in the dumps, be positive. If you are going through hell at home, be positive. If you don’t have a job, be positive. If you are ill, be positive. If you are struggling at work because your teammates suck, be positive.

But does that work? The answer is a big hard NO.

Even the ones who yak about being positive go through massive phases of negativity. Because that’s what negativity does. It seeps through those little crevices of apprehension and creates havoc. Then gradually hell opens up and your mind is ablaze with self-doubt, loathing, and you know the drill.

So yeah, telling someone to be positive is just not the right thing to say, because you will never know the troubles the person is going through, just as no one will know the hardships you have gone through in life.


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