downloadI said ‘hey
You said ‘che’
I asked you what’s ‘che’
You said in Argentina it meant ‘hey

I laughed and walked along
You smiled and turned away
I thought I heard you hum a song
I was ecstatic and gay

This was our daily routine
And I thought we must take it ahead
So I asked you out when you wore that old jean
You said yes and I blushed red

We went to a quaint cafe
Spoke about topics that were fun and light
This is what we did all-day
Then you took me to a lounge in the night

I said ‘hey
You said ‘che’
You still looked handsome with your hair quite grey
A bright day that was in May

It’s just been three years
But you looked like you aged by ten
Your paunch showed you had one too many beers
But I thought you still looked attractive then

You asked me, “Who’s the lucky one?’
That was what I wanted to know about you
I said ‘None’
You looked shocked like you had no clue

We walked and you looked at me questioningly
I looked back and raised my eyebrows
You asked me tenderly
” Why didn’t you exchange those vows?”

I said, “You never asked”
You said,” I didn’t know”
I replied,” You should have asked”
You replied,” I’d love to be your beau”

Now a year has passed since then
I can’t imagine where you possibly are
I hope you are fine, amen!
Though we are marred by an invisible scar

What happened four years ago and three after
I do not want to talk of
You brought me great love and laughter
That the jealous would scoff

Too precious were those moments
I feel if I say them out loud, I might in some manner jinx them
You never told me you too were fervent
If only you’d have told me you thought I were a gem

I know we’d have been a success story
Right now, we’d probably be in bed together
Basking in our marriage of glory
Savoring our kisses in this romantic weather

I know thinking of what’s not there is futile
But I love dreaming of what could have been
Oh, trust me! I’m not senile
Why are tears running down my quivering lips and chin?

I know I have to get over you
It will be difficult, but I must
My second chance with you I blew
But know that for you I had love, not lust

I get out of the home to take a walk down our lane
And I see that guy we met from downtown
He was in a cafe… I could see him through a pane
He saw me, on his face came a frown

He was probably thinking why I looked so familiar
Then he jumped up and came running out
He greeted me with cordial cheer
I wondered what this was all about

I said ‘hey
He said, ‘oye’
I asked him what is ‘oye’?
He said in Spanish it meant ‘hey

I smiled and I know its rude, but I walked away
I better get home, the sky turned grey
He went back into the cafe
Done with men who can’t say ‘hey

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