They are all travelers
Some of them travel alone
But aren’t they the best sellers?
The ones that miss the scent of his cologne?

womenTwo’s a company, three’s a crowd
So why not just let him be mine?
How I wish over them was a shroud
Oh, did that run a chill down your spine?

Can you blame me though
for it is I who deserves to be with him
He is my beau
why do they all act and dress so prim?

In the end, they are still travelers maligned
Traveling and halting at destinations
Between his heart and mind
well, there’s no point anyway, since they failed in their period of probation

Their painted lips
Shadowed eyelid
Do not come between us as an eclipse
Neither does their seductive stance which is not worth a quid

Their eyes travel the length of my valentine
Sniff out his freshly laundered apparel
Well, through my eyes that’s a victimless crime
For I know their thoughts are lewd and feral

I have no mercy for these travelers
Who travel with a conscience to thieve his love
Sure, each traveler’s performance is stellar
But sadly, they realized too late it was a futile shove

For he came here to be mine alone
To turn my tears to laughter
Saved all his love for me, nothing could he loan
Knew that there was no one he’d rather go after

So, what happened about the travelers you ask?
Well, they travel on
Of course, their hurt they mask
but they travel on to their next pawn



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