The Bible Tells Me To Never Call Someone An Idiot – My Day Is Incomplete Without Calling At least 10 People the Same.

downloadI know it’s not right to abuse people – verbally, physically, or emotionally. But it gets hard to deal with nincompoops day in and day out. I work in a process that has stupid people. Like, the whole process has dumbasses – from the management to the juniors.

I work as a process lead, but I am a proofreader, which means I check content for fundamental grammar issues, syntax, and the like. Now we have a team of writers who don’t know shit, and I wonder, how the hell have they been surviving in the process for two darned years? I just joined the process back in December, and I think (at the risk of sounding crass) that I have been able to perform way better than the ones who have been doing a crappy job for years. So I wonder, what is the management doing to combat incompetent employees?

The answer is – NOTHING! They agree that the team has “crackpots,” “idiots,” and is probably the worst team that they have put together, but it ends there. So I wonder, how are the excellent, efficient employees supposed to deal with an entire group of employees who get easy money? It gets difficult.

Now with the lockdown on, work has become more hectic than it was working in the office. Because now work begins at 7 am and should ideally end at 5 pm, but it goes on till midnight at least thrice a week. That means those many hours of dealing with dimwits. Argh!

Most of this post didn’t even make sense, but ok.

#work feelings

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