Life is Good

Life is never fair. There are always ups and downs. Those waves of discontent, dissatisfaction, and whining are there, of course. COVID is a disaster. Is the world coming to an end? I don’t think so. The world will go on for a few more centuries; it’s going to bring on more obstacles, diseases, cures, success, and whatnot.

But are we happy now? I always live in the present. My family always tells me to think about my future and plan stuff. But I can’t. So to answer my previous question, are we happy now? I am.

I know these are tough times out there! But it’s annoying when people around say that they do not like the lockdown, when they say they are going crazy sitting at home, or when they say let’s meet for a drink.
Do people not get two aspects of this whole situation?

1- COVID is wrecking hell and has a mighty great time on its rollercoaster that’s crashing into everyone’s lives.

2- Staying at home is the easiest thing around. WFM has become accessible to all, so I don’t understand what the problem is. We are all kind of on a paid vacation, even if we are working at home.

So why can’t people understand the seriousness of the situation? Because we have other dumb people forwarding messages that say we shouldn’t be scared of the virus becasue so many of them have come and gone.

COVID is out to get out, so what do you do? Stay at home, eat well, get fat (it’s perfectly fine to get fat), be happy, play games with your family, stay safe when buying groceries, put on two masks, carry your sanitizer, when you get home, drop your clothes and take a bath, wash every piece of clothing you wore out, and voila! We will all be safe.

That’s all it takes. To stay at home.

#sudden feels

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