Tigers. Tigers. Tigers.

Just like you have nightmares, I do too. In the past, it used to be very frequent. But for some reason, my nightmares have reduced drastically. I don’t dream much. Even the good ones have stopped. I used to have beautiful dreams too. It reminds me of how men’s sperm quality goes down as they age. Weird. I know.

At one point, I used to dream every day. These days it’s just darkness as soon as I shut my eyes every night, and the next thing I know, it’s morning. But the one thing that remains constant is my nightmares that have tigers in it. Most of the nightmares I have has to do with tigers chasing me. Some of the tiger dreams are:

  • A tiger has been let loose in the locality
  • There’s a tiger in my house
  • A tiger is chasing me in the snow
  • A tiger is trying to enter my home and I am running frantically to shut and seal all entry points of my house.

Earlier, ghosts plagued my nightmares, but of late, it’s tigers. I can’t imagine why.

I am a massive fan of dreammoods. While a lot of people say interpreting dreams is a whole load of shite, I have had my dreams interpreted here, and it mostly made sense, at least 80% of the time. But when it came to trying to figure out why I dream of tigers chasing me or attacking me, I could never find the right interpretation. I mean, I am petrified of animals –  no offense to the animal lovers – but I just am. I am scared, shitless. Lions and tigers scare me. The thought of them makes me shudder, but that doesn’t explain my recurring tiger dreams. Trust me; they are horrifying.

Having said that, though, my brother always says that he loves nightmares. Wild, right? He says it’s okay because when he wakes up, he realizes that life is beautiful. Hmm. I guess there are so many ways of interpreting the good and evil.

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