“I Will Fuck You, You Bitch,” he said.

My mum and I are great fans of buffet breakfasts. Considering that from June 8, 2020, restaurants had the green signal to open, I was curious if the buffets would begin. So I called up the restaurant we regularly visit to check with the guy who took the call about the same. He was an inefficient, incompetent receptionist who wasn’t doing an excellent job of sorting out my queries.

The conversation soon turned sour, and we both got abusive. I would have let it go, had he not told me, “You come to the hotel, and I will fuck you, you bitch.” I bantered on with him. I abused him back, and when my husband couldn’t take in the conversation any longer, he snatched the phone from me and spoke to the guy. But the hotel guy hung up on my husband. I was livid.

I didn’t say much after that. I told myself that I should just let the incident go. But I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “Why?” Why should I let someone like that escape? I called up the hotel and demanded to speak to the manager/authoritative leaders. The manager called me back. I told him of my ordeal. As soon as I was done, I also told him I was coming over with the police and the lawyer to sort that out face to face. He requested me not to do so and said that he would investigate the matter and get back to me in 2 hours.

He called me back in less than 2 hours and told me that he had fired the concerned employee and also said to me that as compensation, he would give me three buffet breakfasts complimentary. This pissed me off. I told him I didn’t need his free meals. Hypothetically, even if we were happy that we were getting meals on the house, I was upset that he thought three meals could undo the damage.

It’s shocking how people think that they are sorting out an issue, but instead aggravate it further.

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