11th Grade

When I completed 10th grade, my brother infused a lot of excitement in me about the great advent of the unforgettable college days. I honestly didn’t care much back then, because, for me, the college was just 5-odd years of studies. It didn’t make that big a difference. I had another problem – clothing. I didn’t have much, and I was embarrassed. Nevertheless, the college years began.

And it was awesome.

I know this may sound weird, but I feel like the weather through 11th grade was terrific. It was always pleasant and gay. It felt surreal. It smelled of freedom because that year was one of the best. We were the first ARTS batch in the college. Since there were very few of us, we were given a small room on the college’s terrace. But we loved it. It was almost like we were studying out in the open. The trees around made sure that every time we stepped out of the room for a break onto the terrace, we were welcomed with cool breeze even through the hot summers.

The best part of it all was that we had only four hours of classes—morning from 7.30 to 11.30. But I told my mum that the classes ended at 3.30 pm. So I had a whole 4 hours of fun every day before I got home. Our break time was 9.30. It was a short break time – just about 15 minutes. During the break, we would all try to run down five floors to the basement, ordering vegetable-grilled sandwiches and choco pies.

The run-down used to be funny. We would push, nudge, and try to meander through the immense crowd to ensure that we return to class on time. Often, the group was so thick that we were moved from floor to floor, just floating in the thrust of the crowd. Our feet would honestly not even be on the floor; we would be moved around like invisible angels carrying us from floor to floor.

I had taken up History, Economics, Political Science, and Sociology as the four arts subjects. And man, I did well in them all. I also made some excellent friends. We had such good times that I wish I could go back to those days and stay there in limbo.

#When will someone create a time machine?