Professor Sridhar- Part 1

Yes, I fell in love with another professor in the same college where I fell in love with Vinod ‘Sir’ (Sridhar story happened way before Vinod’s).

There were times when I used to be late to college. One such time, I was under the impression that there was no session because the concerned lecturer was on leave. But when I walked into the class, I saw a really smart-looking man taking a lecture. He saw me at the entrance of the door and asked me to come in. For no reason at all, I was super shy.

His class was excellent. It was interactive, humorous, and engaging. We then had an ‘interview’ session with him (it was supposed to be a faux interview, where he was Yediyurapa and us – the class – were the interviewers). Whatever question I asked him, he refused to answer, and I was soon losing my patience. He noticed my impatience and quickly told me, “Hey, don’t take offence, this is all part of the act.” I gave him a wide grin.

Then came his next session. I was late as usual, but as I was hurrying in, he said, “Aww, I was missing you. Glad you could make it.” I think that was the first time I blushed so much in my entire life. That’s when it all began – the undying love. I was keen to keep in touch with him. Every time we had our computer class, I would log into Gmail, and start chatting with him on Gtalk.

By his next session, we had all taken him for granted, we weren’t listening to him, and he lost his cool. He gathered his stuff and walked out of the class. We were all shocked. I think of the lot, I felt the guiltiest. As soon as I had access to a computer, I pinged him and apologized. He asked me not to worry about it, and then we soon started sharing personal stories. He told me he was a divorcee. His wife was pregnant, and she did not intend to let him see the child. He was sad; I was worried.

Soon I became his confidante, and we spoke every day. Post-grad was coming to an end, and it was time for me to go to Mumbai for my internship. The day before I was supposed to leave, he gave me a call and said he was coming home to meet me. I was flustered. I panicked. I thought I’d had to invite him over to my home, but when he reached, he asked me to meet him at the end. I was ecstatic. We spoke for a few seconds, and then he gifted me some magazines and a bunch of chocolates. He told me that was how I could while away time during my train journey. He also handed me the train schedule and told me I could track the stops through that. I asked him if he’d like to come home, but he declined my offer. We said our goodbyes, and he left.

I still remember that feeling with which I walked back into the building and my home. All I was thinking about was what a gentleman he was. He was courteous, thoughtful, and generous. Little did I know that rascal (I say ‘rascal’ in a pleasant friendly manner) knew precisely what he was doing and was well aware that he had successfully planted his plan in my mind.

#men will be men