Ice Ice Baby

The good thing to look forward to during the summers is the chilled (iced) drinks. I like my drinks cold. American cold. So when I want to have a glass of juice, I first freeze the juice till its almost getting slushy, and then I go ahead and add on about 6-8 cubes of ice. I know. Really cold.

But the downside of it is making ice again. I find it to be a wee bit, not-so-interesting a task. I mean, I love the result of having loads of ice ready at my disposal, but I don’t find the will in me to fill the ice trays. It’s a very stressful situation, I feel.

First, filling the tray – now I don’t have the patience to pour water slowly. So, I dump water into it every single time, and obviously, most of the water flows away, and despite pouring two glasses of water in, only half the cubes are full.

Second, carrying the tray to the freezer. When I said earlier that I couldn’t pour water slowly, it’s because I am always trying to multi-task. So again, I can’t amble to the freezer. Then in my haste, the water still flows off the tray, and the whole procedure continues for another round.

Now I know that the easier way is to get it right the first time, but nah ah. It doesn’t happen. But then again, we got to do what we got to do, right? Else how else will I get my super iced drinks at my disposal? How would I get to feel pain, a numbing sensation, and teeth sensitivity all at once, eh?

#If there is a problem, yo someone solve it.