There IS Always Room for Improvement. Is There?

roomIn every angle of life, there is room for improvement. Be it cooking a meal – you could have overcooked it or undercooked it, or added more spices or less. Be it being a supportive friend – you could have said more and got your friend pumped for obstacles or said less so that your friend didn’t feel like a dimwit. You could be attending an interview, where you could have impressed your interviewer with a slew of vocabulary out of the dictionary or knowledge taken off Wikipedia or said less and made it clear that you are not pompous because apparently, less is more. 

The fact is that there is always room for improvement. Now the other side of this coin is that whatever you do, you will regret your choices. Sooner or later, you are going to wonder why you made that choice. You will brainstorm and think, why didn’t you give a task your best shot? In a state of thrill, we all think our decision-making capacity is the best. In a state of ennui, you question all the choices you make. 

Then from where does the need for room for improvement come? Does it come from a logical frame of mind,  feedback from people, or does it arise based on your mood? 

#Just Wondering