Life is Good

Life is never fair. There are always ups and downs. Those waves of discontent, dissatisfaction, and whining are there, of course. COVID is a disaster. Is the world coming to an end? I don’t think so. The world will go on for a few more centuries; it’s going to bring on more obstacles, diseases, cures, success, and whatnot.

But are we happy now? I always live in the present. My family always tells me to think about my future and plan stuff. But I can’t. So to answer my previous question, are we happy now? I am.

I know these are tough times out there! But it’s annoying when people around say that they do not like the lockdown, when they say they are going crazy sitting at home, or when they say let’s meet for a drink.
Do people not get two aspects of this whole situation?

1- COVID is wrecking hell and has a mighty great time on its rollercoaster that’s crashing into everyone’s lives.

2- Staying at home is the easiest thing around. WFM has become accessible to all, so I don’t understand what the problem is. We are all kind of on a paid vacation, even if we are working at home.

So why can’t people understand the seriousness of the situation? Because we have other dumb people forwarding messages that say we shouldn’t be scared of the virus becasue so many of them have come and gone.

COVID is out to get out, so what do you do? Stay at home, eat well, get fat (it’s perfectly fine to get fat), be happy, play games with your family, stay safe when buying groceries, put on two masks, carry your sanitizer, when you get home, drop your clothes and take a bath, wash every piece of clothing you wore out, and voila! We will all be safe.

That’s all it takes. To stay at home.

#sudden feels


downloadI said ‘hey
You said ‘che’
I asked you what’s ‘che’
You said in Argentina it meant ‘hey

I laughed and walked along
You smiled and turned away
I thought I heard you hum a song
I was ecstatic and gay

This was our daily routine
And I thought we must take it ahead
So I asked you out when you wore that old jean
You said yes and I blushed red

We went to a quaint cafe
Spoke about topics that were fun and light
This is what we did all-day
Then you took me to a lounge in the night

I said ‘hey
You said ‘che’
You still looked handsome with your hair quite grey
A bright day that was in May

It’s just been three years
But you looked like you aged by ten
Your paunch showed you had one too many beers
But I thought you still looked attractive then

You asked me, “Who’s the lucky one?’
That was what I wanted to know about you
I said ‘None’
You looked shocked like you had no clue

We walked and you looked at me questioningly
I looked back and raised my eyebrows
You asked me tenderly
” Why didn’t you exchange those vows?”

I said, “You never asked”
You said,” I didn’t know”
I replied,” You should have asked”
You replied,” I’d love to be your beau”

Now a year has passed since then
I can’t imagine where you possibly are
I hope you are fine, amen!
Though we are marred by an invisible scar

What happened four years ago and three after
I do not want to talk of
You brought me great love and laughter
That the jealous would scoff

Too precious were those moments
I feel if I say them out loud, I might in some manner jinx them
You never told me you too were fervent
If only you’d have told me you thought I were a gem

I know we’d have been a success story
Right now, we’d probably be in bed together
Basking in our marriage of glory
Savoring our kisses in this romantic weather

I know thinking of what’s not there is futile
But I love dreaming of what could have been
Oh, trust me! I’m not senile
Why are tears running down my quivering lips and chin?

I know I have to get over you
It will be difficult, but I must
My second chance with you I blew
But know that for you I had love, not lust

I get out of the home to take a walk down our lane
And I see that guy we met from downtown
He was in a cafe… I could see him through a pane
He saw me, on his face came a frown

He was probably thinking why I looked so familiar
Then he jumped up and came running out
He greeted me with cordial cheer
I wondered what this was all about

I said ‘hey
He said, ‘oye’
I asked him what is ‘oye’?
He said in Spanish it meant ‘hey

I smiled and I know its rude, but I walked away
I better get home, the sky turned grey
He went back into the cafe
Done with men who can’t say ‘hey

There IS Always Room for Improvement. Is There?

roomIn every angle of life, there is room for improvement. Be it cooking a meal – you could have overcooked it or undercooked it, or added more spices or less. Be it being a supportive friend – you could have said more and got your friend pumped for obstacles or said less so that your friend didn’t feel like a dimwit. You could be attending an interview, where you could have impressed your interviewer with a slew of vocabulary out of the dictionary or knowledge taken off Wikipedia or said less and made it clear that you are not pompous because apparently, less is more. 

The fact is that there is always room for improvement. Now the other side of this coin is that whatever you do, you will regret your choices. Sooner or later, you are going to wonder why you made that choice. You will brainstorm and think, why didn’t you give a task your best shot? In a state of thrill, we all think our decision-making capacity is the best. In a state of ennui, you question all the choices you make. 

Then from where does the need for room for improvement come? Does it come from a logical frame of mind,  feedback from people, or does it arise based on your mood? 

#Just Wondering